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meet our team - 

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Kristin Catter

Owner / Senior Event Planner 

Years in Industry: 15 years

Veuve Clicquot is my drink of choice, I am obsessed with flowers and color, when I am not working you can always spot me in a crowd- my outfit will be extra. Beyonce is queen, I have seen her in concert 5 times. Friends will forever be the best show, gangster rap is blaring in my car 24-7, I organize all of my shoes by designer not the style.

my favorite moment of any wedding day: the first look! I love that intimate moment between a couple when they get those few minutes together to see one another and enjoy the fact that the day is about the two of them. 

my favorite wedding trend: creating a statement piece that wouldn't normally be a statement. Bars have become my most fun piece to design for an event. Whether we are including a hanging installation over them, umbrellas, unique signage or floral. These have now become a focal point instead of just a place to grab a drink. 

the best little detail I've seen at a wedding: private vows between the couple during first look. 

Erica Catter

Senior Event Planner 

Years in Industry: 12 years

Queen of steaming hot bubble baths and snuggling with quite arguably the cutest Bernedoodle there ever was. I've never met a cheese I didn't like. I'm team Backstreet Boys..then, now and always. Passion Project: completely converting our under the stairs closet into all things Harry Potter.


If you're ever in need of trivia answers for Harry Potter, Taylor Swift, Friends or Gilmore Girls..give me a call.


my favorite moment of any wedding day: when the newly married couple walks down the aisle and we do a mini celebration together. 

my favorite wedding trend: honestly, I think my favorite trend is couples that are throwing out the traditional “wedding script” and really leaning into hosting a wedding their way and wanting it to be a reflection of them

the best little detail I've seen at a wedding: We asked a bar that the bride and groom met at to provide all the cocktail napkins, such a sweet personal touch that not every guest may have known coming to the wedding but they did leaving.

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April Briggs

Event Planner 

Years in Industry: 5 years

a crazy cat lady (and proud!), recent University of Texas at Austin graduate and one of the rare Austin locals. I love to tell the story of a couple on their wedding day on social media - when i'm not taking candid photos of you during the ceremony, i'm usually at home drinking wine, eating takeout with my girlfriends and watching harry potter or twilight. 

want an outdoor wedding but afraid of texas wildlife? don't worry! I'm professionally trained to capture and release venomous snakes. 

favorite little detail(s) you've seen at a wedding: Disposable/polaroid cameras! 

favorite wedding trendmismatched bridesmaid dress, especially the springy/floral vibe 

my favorite moment of any wedding day: cocktail hour. some couples prefer to use this time for photos or private dinner/drinks, and others choose to join their guests and mingle. I also enjoy it from a vendor perspective because it is such a useful chunk of time that can be used for finalizing small details, making sure B&G have their needs met, and getting social media content.

Stephanie Garcia

Event Planner 

Years in Industry: 7 years

an adrenaline junkie who loves roller coasters and has checked bungee jumping, skydiving, zip lining, parasailing and white water rafting off my bucket list. loves the "simple" things in life: a good book, a sunset with a bottle of wine, the trader joes meat and cheese section, and trying new Austin restaurants. 

my favorite part of a wedding: toasts, it's nice to hear the heartwarming and sometimes embarrassing stories about the bride & groom from the perspective of their loved ones

the best surprise entertainment ive seen at a wedding: professional ballerinas with smog during the 1st dance 

favorite wedding trend: private couple last dance, your guests line up for your send off and you get a moment just to yourselves after the big day. so romantic!


the best little detail i've seen at a wedding: handwritten personalized letters from the couple to each guest

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