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Kristin Catter Events

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Hey there,

We are free spirited DIY divas, vintage hunting fiends; we love glitter and glam, but aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty; we are Netflix binge watchers, book club readers; we are hopeless romantics that will always believe in that Disney fairy tale ending; we work hard and play even harder, we are meticulously detail oriented, shop to you drop, determined women! Most importantly, we want to help you to build a creative, memorable experience. 

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 - Bridget

We LOVED working with Kristin Catter. As a young couple moving to a new area, we knew that we needed a wedding planner. From our first call with Kristin, we knew that she was a planner we could wholly trust and would help us plan a beautiful wedding. Kristin makes wedding planning so much easier - she led us to our vendors, she negotiated contracts, and we can imagine that she did so much more behind the scenes that we likely do not know about. We appreciated that she has an excellent taste for her couples' styles - based on our conversations, she would anticipate what we would or wouldn't like. (She even created a floral mood board for us!) Kristin also helped us make the best choices with our guests in mind, e.g. making sure we would be pleasing all with our dinner menu, including the picky eaters. Perhaps most importantly, her attention on our wedding allowed us to enjoy and soak in the day. We would wholeheartedly recommend Kristin to anyone looking for a wedding planner in Austin.

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We aren't just planning your event; we are creating an experience. Let us help you tell that story.
No two events are the same, so why should our services be the same for every event? 

We pride ourselves on individuality and the importance of creating picture perfect experiences. 
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